For english speaking clients 

In my practice for psychotherapy and counselling in Karlsruhe, I do work regular with english speaking clients. Due to my own experience living abroad, I am familiar with many challenges expats face and I developed a cross-cultural sensitivity that allows me to understand different backrounds.


Many expats face very own challenges living abroad and seek for a professional to help them with these challenges. Some might just need someone to talk about the feeling of misplacement and loneliness that comes from time to time living in a foreign country, some might face difficulties in their work environment and need coaching, others have more difficult issues such as depressions or anxiety and need a counsellor working with them on a regular base on these issues. I also offer couples counselling.


I am licensed as "Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie" in Germany. I offer you a space, where you are accepted with appreciation and without any rating towards your current problems. This allows you to express your feelings and thoughts in my private practice for psychotherapycounselling and coaching in Karlsruhe.


I accompany and advise you with methods from the systemic therapy, systemic counsellinghypnosystemic counselling and client-centered psychotherapy according to Carl R. Rogers. Further I use communication techniques of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.


My main method is systemic therapy and hypnosystemic counseling. I look at you holistically as an individual, with your specific topics and aspects, considering your professional and private life. You are the expert for yourself and your concerns and I advise you by using your own resources, to explore the solutions to your problems and conflicts.


I invite you to work with me on changing perspectives and to discover new possibilities for your life. We work on strengthening your skills and making them better usable for you.


Just get in contact with me, it´s my pleasure to advise and assist you!


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Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie Karlsruhe Lilian Blum

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